SILEO CERAMIC FILTER The ceramic filter is made from a highly compressed ceramic diatomic substance. It is highly resistant to heat. The Ceramic Filter`s pore diameter is 0.2 micron (diameter of bacteria is 0.5~1.0). Its function is to filter all dirt, sand particles and bacteria to ensure that your water is free from potential harmful foreign substances

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Ceramic Filter improves quality, taste and order of drinking water. Ceramic Filter is made of diatomic substances compressed to the level of 0.2 micron and is extremely effective in filtration of water. Ceramic filter removes all dirt particles, sand, and heavy metals like lead, pesticides and herbicides from water. Ceramic filters also ensure that useful minerals do not remove from water, such as fluoride that is important for children teeth. “Ceramic Filters” are extremely effective in purifying water as water passes through millions of very small processes and from harmful bacterial contaminations that cause dysentery, cholera and typhoid. 0.2-micron diameter of filter does not allow passage of harmful bacteria and contaminants. “Ceramic Filters” carry out filtration by passing water using different types of minerals and have long life as compared to standard RO filters.

Product: Ceramic Filter

Suitable For: Water purification

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Ceramic Filter

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