Natural Fine Grain Salt



Product: Natural Fine Grain Salt
Net Weight: 1kg

Enhance the flavors in your favorite dishes with our Fine Granulated natural Salt. Made from Himalayan crystal salt stones, this salt is hand mind, selected, washed and crushed for use in your salt shaker or directly in your favorite dishes. The full color spectrum is preserved and contents 84 life giving minerals, that make it taste, cooks and feels, it’s just like a whole food much like fruits, vegetables and grain and has proven to be one of the best therapeutic salts available on this planet.

price: 650/-

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“Natural Fine Grain Salt” also known as “Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt”, described by its flavor, health benefits and enriched minerals. Our Himalayan Crystal Salt is mined from salt range of northern Pakistan, located in foothills of Himalayan range. Our Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt is mined using manual methods of mining, to ensure its purity, quality and flavor. We provide 100% pure and natural Himalayan Crystal Salt to our valued customers. It contains minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium that are beneficial for our health.
Our “Natural Fine Grained Salt” is famous for its beautiful pink color and it does not contain any additives. It provides you a distinct flavor in daily food or drinks.

Product: Natural Fine Grain Salt
Net Weight: 1kg
Suitable For: Seasoning for fish, vegetables, stews, baking, grilled meats, ribs and used for bath soaps.
Ingredients: 100% Himalayan Crystal salt
Price: 650/-

Natural Fine Grain Salt


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