what Is Salt

What is Salt

We all know salt is essential for maintaining osmotic pressure and other bodily functions. But have you ever asked yourself about what salt really is? After all, salt is not only about making food taste good, many salt and religion comparative studies have held salt in high regards for its influence on the religion and its ritualistic significance.

Technically, it is a mineral packed with sodium chlorides. Its chemical formula is NaCl, which stands for both the elements present in each crystal: sodium and chlorine.

Besides, these two elements, a naturally synthesized salt contain rich deposits of other vital elements as well. A natural and holistic salt crystal contains as many as 82 natural occurring minerals elements. What nature gives is a pure natural compound with more vital mineral elements than you can ever get in the regular table salt.

It’s just unfortunate that such powerful elements are filtered out in the regular processing of table salts that we consume daily. In fact, by filtering out the minerals, commercial companies increase the aggressiveness of the salts and force the body to dispose off a lot of energy to Metabolize it. It is scientifically proven that the net energy gain is too low for table salt as compared with Himalayan natural salt, which has perfect crystals and are easily digested.

Now the BIG question, do we get Himalayan Salt now a day?

This is where Sileo comes in to picture. As a company, we strive to present you with the holistic salt that nature has gifted us with and in the process open up a world of therapeutic effects that each grain of natural Himalayan salt has.

We ensure that you get access to such pure holistic, unadulterated, non chemical-ized, unrefined, unprocessed grains of natural crystal salt that no table salt or common salt pack can ever deliver.

We ensure that each grain of salt deliver you rich amount of vital minerals and elements that you do not have to supplement through artificial tablets, herbal shakes and the likes. In short, natural Himalayan salt delivers you a wholesome food, one that lets you stay healthier and your body stay fit.

The Primal Sea and Natural Himalayan Salt Connection

We know what importance the Primal Sea has for our life. Primal Sea is where all forms of life originated from. It is the basis of all our surviving humans and animals today.

Natural salt was a rich component of the saline waters, which evaporated over 250,000,000 years ago. Fortunately, the same original salt which is wholesome, natural, unaltered and crystallized is coming back to us from an exclusive mine in Himalayan Mountains. These are exactly identical to the elements of which our bodies have been made and originally found existing in the "primal ocean" from where all life originated.

Sileo is making humungous initiatives in bringing that rich salt form in its pristine form to your dining table.

Coming from such rich source of life itself, natural crystal salts are such a vital constituent for any food that ignoring them only leads to consuming toxic salt products that most commercial companies market with aplomb!

In fact, various Salt and Health studies have found out startling facts about how dangerous consuming regular table salt can be. Most of them have concluded that if there is any high quality of salt present in the environment, it has to be the natural crystallized Himalayan salt with rich minerals and beneficial properties such as perfect crystal shape, high percentage of mineral elements and unaltered composition.

Sileo has found out the exclusive source of such rich, holistic, wholesome and natural Himalayan salt and you can order your pack of natural salt now.

SILEO™ salt tastes, looks, feels, cooks, and interacts with your body differently than sea or table salt.

SILEO™ salt is truly a salt that is good for you -- a salt that revitalizes and awakens the senses!

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