Scientific Research On Salt

Scientific Research On Salt


Research has shown that salt can be injurious to health as consumption of too much salt can be a cause of heart disease. Further research has shown that too much usage of salt can also be harmful for brain health.
Researchers have found out that the salt intake by around 1,264 healthy men and women of ages 68 to 87 has led to poor cognitive performance. Furthermore, high amount of salt contributes to high blood pressure and this may cause stroke.
These are the things that we have always heard. ‘Salt is bad for your health’ has become a motto of our life, as adage that is taught to us since the very beginning of our adulthood to ensure our healthy diet. Further research has shown that the cause of higher strokes and high blood pressure has no connection with high intake of salt. People from different countries like Japan, Hawaii, Scotland, America and Finland, have carried out advance research and have concluded that there have been no improved health outcomes for those people who are on low salt diets.

Statistics reflecting the importance of high-salt diet:

•    A research was carried out by Hawaiian Japanese and they concluded that there is no relation between high salt intake and the occurrence of stroke. This research was carried out by about 8000 men.
•    Then a US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey was undertaken for a period of over twenty years which reflected the fact that people on a low-salt diet are more prone to heart attacks than those on normal or high salt diet.
•    An analysis of a Dutch database was carried out in October 2007. This analysis provided some piece of information regarding salt diets and reflected the fact that no benefit has been found out in connection with low-salt diets in reducing heart attack or strokes.

Scientific Research has further concluded that Natural Salt is the most beneficial salt in human life as it is not related to high blood pressure and strokes.

Importance of Salt:

•    Salt is the basic requirement for the proper communication of cells. It is very essential that all the cells are in harmony with each other for the smooth digestion of food.
•    It is important for the absorption of food particles through our intestines which connects our stomach to the anus.
•    Salt also prevents muscle cramps and this prevention helps in the relaxation of our body.
•    Our bones need a proper structure for a proper formation of our body and Crystal salt helps in giving this structure a proper shape.
•    Salt shortage in the body may lead to osteoporosis, a severe disease of bones which may cause muscle cramps.
•    Salt intake may also solve sleep disorder problems as it serves as a medication for those who have to face lack of sleep at all times.
•    Salt intake can also help in preventing heart attacks as real salt can cure chest muscle cramps and one should bear in mind that lack of salt can cause lot of heart diseases.
•    Salt further helps in the proper functioning of the brain cells and also balances all the elements of blood sugar level.

Important minerals required to pass through acid in the stomach:

•    Zinc
•    Magnesium
•    Manganese
•    Selenium
•    Copper-chromium
•    Molybdenum

Low Salt Diet- A Danger for Elderly

According to a research, a low salt diet can pose great danger for elderly people. A professor in the University of Witten Herdecke in Germany found out in his research that low salt intake showed symptoms of hyponatraemia. These symptoms include:
•    Loss of balance
•    Tiredness
•    Difficulty in concentrating

These symptoms can lead to confusion and coma if not properly treated.

Furthermore, sodium deficiency can lead to:
•    Hallucinations
•    Nervous disposition
•    Muscle cramps

Many people think that reducing the consumption of salt would make them healthy, which is not the case. In fact, entirely opposite happens when people are on a low salt diet as cutting salt is dangerous. Through a research it was found out those dangers from cutting salt.

Sickness and weakness occurs due to lack of unrefined and organic salt in diet:
Refined Salt: White Poison – Our main problem with salt is not associated with the salt. The main problem is the type we are eating. There are too much difference between our habitual table salt and original Natural crystal salt. We mainly intake Sodium Chloride for our daily consumption. This is an advent of industrial development, which is chemically cleaned and just decreases the percentage of sodium and chloride.
There are two or three chemical elements remain in our common table salt, which we use for cooking. There are eighty four (84) chemical element remain in Natural salt. All those elements needed to keep our body healthy. If we only intake common salt, we have deficit of eighty one (81) elements. Thus how we become weaker, unprovoked and more prone to disease. So, we need to use Himalayan  Natural crystal salt.

Himalayan Crystal Salt:  This is the most philosophical and updated product of salt family in this days. For centuries, the power/information substance, in the form of essential mineral rudiments locked away within these absolutely formed crystals of mineral prosperous salt, were exploited by doctors for treating most every anarchy known to humans, and with unfailing success.
Recently some biophysicists discovered this ancient knowledge and brought it  in front of us. Dr. Barbara Hendel and biophysicist Peter Ferreira wrote details about this truth in their book named “Water and Salt, The Essence of Life”.

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