Salt & Water

Salt And Water

Let’s face it. Medicines may take a new leap everyday but they still might do enough. While they can cure a lot of diseases; they cannot cure all.

Millions of people die from various heart and pulmonary diseases. Out of those who survive; the survival rate is another big question. Not many live long.

Drinking plenty of water alone is not a remedy or prevention of different kinds of diseases. In order for water to penetrate and stay inside our body, it needs salt.

According to the book of Dr. Badmanghelidj who wrote the book “Water Cures: Drugs Kill,How water cured incurable disease” we are in an era of medical blindness since we are on a direction where medicine is not a cure but a temporary relief for many diseases.

According to him, our organs need a certain amount of water in order to perform its function well, and when there is a deficiency of water; the organ causes pain. One single doctor cannot diagnose your case immediately especially when the pain points to a particular organ, you may have to consult one specialist to another; causing you to take different medicines. Dr. Badmanghelidj said that diseases are effects on a chain of effects caused by dehydration “our body is crying for water”.

Common diseases such as heart burn, rheumatism, low back pain, Angina, Migraine, a lot more ailments are manifestations of deficiency of water inside our body. Very few people know that these diseases can be reversed by resorting to the natural way of medication, and that is by rehydrating your body.

Salt and water should always be together since absence of one causes chaos to your body. Any disease can be reversed for as long as your body stays prepared to fight it out. Even if you do not feel any pain or problem in your body, ensure that you take the right amount of salt and water. Remember prevention is still better than cure.

Is Modern Medication Effective?

The fact is you can cure medical complications with various natural elements than just synthesized medicines. In fact not one but various scientific researches have indicated the interconnectivity between salt and heath. Many scientific researches carried out onsalt and nutrition have concluded very clearly the need to consume salt in optimum levels to keep the organs working as well as maintain the osmotic pressure within the body.

And if one thinks that only modern science had the empirical means to study salt and health closely then think again. Fact is one of the oldest remedy that ancient people used is the combination of Salt and Water or known as “Sole” pronounced as ‘’So-Lay’’. It was used for various medical purposes because of its known good effects on the body.

How do you get Your Pack of Sole?

Had it not been for the persistent efforts of few men; natural Himalayan salt and its mystical powers would have remained untapped. But things are different now.

With Sileo Natural Salt crystal; you get your pack of Crystals for Sole as easily as a breeze. Simply order it from here.

Sileo Natural Salt Crystal offers only the natural Himalayan Salt Crystal, hand mined and carefully packed without employing any artificial method to preserve its natural component. Sea-salt or the usual Common Table salt that we use is far different from Sileo Natural Salt.

By taking in the appropriate amount of salt and water; you can ensure good health and a fit body. Since salt is essential to maintain the water outside all cells in the body; it ensures that the two Ocean in our bodies are balance and prevent dehydration that cause other maladies.

Salt and Water solution can also be an excellent way on cleaning our skin to remove impurities and living microorganisms that cause infection and different skin diseases. Salt and Water as disinfectant was used even in the ancient times. Salt and water are very effective in cleaning open wounds and kill bacteria.

Why Consuming Natural Salt is Important

Our bodies do not synthesize salt on their own and therefore we need to consume it. Salt that we commonly use today is manufactured with a lot of additives and chemicals. This is where observing the quality of salt becomes crucial.

This is where Sileo natural salt stands out.

It is special since it has all the essential minerals that salt must have. Due to extreme commercialization and salt’s general use, the production of salt for industries has been prioritized, and has moved away from the more important use of natural salt. Today you don’t get natural salt anymore; you get ‘chemical-ized’ versions of it.

Sileo Natural Salt with water can deliver vital nutrients in the body as confirmed by various scientific researches.  Natural Himalayan Salt is free from any artificial process so you can be sure that the salt you use will not only give you the best flavor and taste; but will give your body what it really needs.

What is SOLE?

Sole is not a cure; rather it is a basic necessity for the existence of life. Different diseases can manifest due to deficiency of water and salt or dehydration.  With Sole you ensure that situation doesn’t arise.

In our digestive system, salt is needed for digestion. In absence of the right amount; high acid in the digestive system could develop. To prevent this from happening, one should take the right amount of salt and water in the system, and remember not to use just the common salt bought anywhere; rather use natural Himalayan salt to get faster and better results.

If your body has the correct amount of salt and water, your body will have better nerve coordination, good digestion, properly hydrated body, and better absorb the minerals.

To get yourself healthy and strong; buy a pack of Sole now and ensure your body never cries for water or salt and keeps working smoothly for longer times.

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