Salt & Health

Salt and Health

Sileo Natural salt keeps you healthy for long; reduces diseases; keep you fit and going!

Salt is the basis necessity of all life’s form. There can be no life without salt and this is why being careful about what quality of salt you let in your body becomes crucial for your health. Consuming natural crystal salts in regular meals therefore ensures that you stay away from the impurities of synthesized salts and stay healthy.

Consuming natural Himalayan salt also ensures that your body stays immune towards the lethal imbalance of positive and negative charges; caused by the galore of electromagnetic equipments present all around us.

Salt as a Cure

Salt lets the body function properly. Many salt and nutrition studies have confirmed it. Right from maintaining the osmotic pressure to helping each body organ perform to its optimum; salt plays a crucial role in everything we do.

Using natural Himalayan salt as an alternative method to cure different diseases has existed for many years; however with the aggressive marketing of synthesized medicines; popularity of salt as a medicine has taken a beating. Blame it on the commercialized society or people’s penchant to have faster results; people have overseen and neglected the power that natural Himalayan salt has in its every granule.

However things have changed a little in the recent times with more and more people turning towards nature for finding permanent cures. In the same stead; Himalayan natural salt from Sileo Company Kenya Ltd has gained popularity in Africa, Europe and America because of the wonderful health benefits it brought to many people. And it’s fast catching up. The reasons are obvious. It does WORK.

Wellness Salons and Use of Natural Himalayan Salt

While people have found out the true jewels of how salt and beauty are related; concepts of salt being a crucial component for health are catching up. In fact innumerable wellness salons and spas have started offering different methods of wellness therapies centered on salt therapy.

Sileo Natural Salt has been at the forefront of this revolution. With holistic natural crystals hand mined and no additives; Himalayan natural salt has reignited hopes of many to live healthier and stronger; naturally.

So if you too want to reap the benefits of natural holistic salt; order your packet of natural salt now. Shift from using table salt to Sileo Natural Salt and take a wise step towards a healthier diet.

If you are yet not convinced; let us give you some more reasons to try the holistic natural Himalayan salt and find for yourself the benefits.

Natural Salt helps maintain PH Balance

Salt is needed by our body in order to maintain PH balance. Unfortunately with our markets flooded with unhealthy food; it has become hard to maintain a healthy diet. This leads us to consume substances that develop various deficiencies of nutrients and minerals that we need. Synthesized food we eat and drink makes our body acidic. To prevent acidity, one should have an adequate amount of salt and water in the body to neutralize acidity. Extreme acidity results in dangerous diseases that may lead to irreversible effects if not remedied. Natural salt can ensure this doesn’t happen.

Vital Food Seasoning

Salt is one of the most basic seasoning found in every kitchen. Salt gives flavor to food and is a very effective preservative and cleaning agent. Commercial salt give you burning effect, but Sileo Natural salt gives you a sweet flavor and a healthier body. Natural salt and the artificial one are both salty, but it is not the taste that is important, you put salt in your food not just to add flavor but to add nutrients and minerals as well. Natural crystal salts are rich in that department with almost all life saving nutrients.

Dental Hygiene

During the days when toothpaste was not yet invented, people used salt for cleaning the mouth. Salt is one of the first natural antiseptic and is perfect for cleaning mouth and strengthening teeth. Salt and water is a very affective way in relieving sore throat. Gargling Natural salt with water is a natural way of killing bacteria and germs that cause different problems including bad breathe.

Salt Helps in Healing Wounds

It was Alexander the great who first discovered the wonders of natural Himalayan salt in healing our wounds. It was during his great battles in India when some of his men got wounded and sought refuge in the Himalayan cave where salt crystals were found. Upon staying inside the cave of salt crystals, it was noticed that the wounds healed rather faster than usual. It was the salt! So after the war, Alexander the great ordered his men to Start mining The Himalayan salt Crystal.

Enhances Blood Circulation

The minerals found in Sileo Himalayan Natural Salt crystal if taken in adequate amount enhances one’s blood circulation, thus also enhancing nerve coordination. With natural salt, the nutrients in the brain are carried and circulated in the body. The salt in our body helps in transmitting signal from the brain to different parts of the body; it contains elements necessary for stimulating the brain.

Salt and Blood Pressure

Sileo Natural Salt is recommended for people who have high blood pressure. It was a common misconception that salt is responsible for the occurrence of high blood pressure and pulmonary diseases.  According to Dr. Badmanghelidj’s scientific research on salt; salt and water can normalize the blood pressure. Dr. Badmanhelidj explains that hypertension is a manifestation of dehydration that there is not enough water in the blood vessels that are essential in the transmission of water in to all cells in our body. Increase in blood pressure is an occurrence directly related to reverse osmosis.

Natural Preservative

Going back to the old times, salt has been used by our ancestors in preserving their food. Salt is a natural food preservative because it delays the breakdown and decay of organic particles. It was also found out that even the ancient Egyptians used salt for mummification. In every region in the world salt was used as the primary preservative for meat, fish, and dried fruits. Salt has been a necessary element in the development of modern society.

Consuming the chemical free and hand mined natural Himalayan salt therefore can ensure that you stay as close to nature as it can get and stay away from all the maladies that commercialized sea-salt can cause.

Order your packet of Himalayan salt now and live healthy and strong. In each pack of Sileo natural salt you would find all the important nutrients that your body needs.

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