Salt & Beauty

Salt and Beauty

  Here is some good news for people who value beauty a lot and always want to look their best.

Natural salt and water mixed together form a highly effective beautification solution called Sole that can be used to cleanse skin and preserve its texture. The best part is that it costs much lesser than top of the range cosmetic products and yet delivers comparable results.

The secret combination has been in existence for as long as cosmetics made way into different cultures. As per records, Egyptians women knew about various cosmetic methods even in those early days. They understood how to keep their skin shining all by natural methods. They relied on various methods including using natural salt and water known as Sole or Solay to keep their skin good.

Beauty, Health And Salt

Beauty, salt and health are all entangled with each other from the beginning of time. In fact beauty stems from a good health. If you stay healthy, you stay beautiful. To make sense of this, imagine how it feels when you catch a harmless disease such as common cold. Feel how bad you feel. Staying fit and healthy therefore becomes the prerequisite for beauty as well.

Salt is one of the most important building blocks of life; along with water. Salt and water make our body function well and bring out the beauty from within. They keep body fit and thus it radiates good health.

So how do we get you beautiful?

Using our Sileo Natural Bath salt in your daily bath, you will achieve flawless and sparkling skin, which radiates both health and beauty.

In the fabled book “Water and Salt, The Essence of Life”, it is cited that using Sole or the combination of natural Himalayan crystal salt and water during bath enables the skin to absorb water.

Salt is very important in allowing the skin to take in water. Compared to a regular bath, Sileo Natural Salt does not only cleanse the skin from dirt and impurities but also rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin for a smoother and supple skin. When you use artificial soap for exfoliation, it actually dries up the water in your skin; making the skin dry and rough. Therefore, a lot depends on the quality of salt as well.

Himalayan Salt Therapy

Experience the ultimate experience of this Natural Salt Therapy that will revitalize your mind and body, as well as your spirit.

You can choose from different Sileo Natural Soothing Bath Salts. There is the Sileo Sooting Salt Crystal Bar  and Natural Bath salt Crystal which is perfect for everyday bath. This wonderful product from Sileo Natural Salt will bring back the natural texture of your skin as opposed to dry and damaged skin caused by over use of products with high amount of chemicals.

Continuous use of Sileo Natural Salt Crystal  Bar has other benefits as well. It will aid in relieving pain in hurting joints and muscles. Once the skin absorbs the natural crystal salt, it will penetrate deep down in your body and reduce the certain effects of dehydration.

Sileo Natural Salt Crystal  Bar is not your ordinary beauty bar since it has extraordinary capabilities that not every beauty product has. Sileo Natural Salt brings back the natural flow of substances within the body to avoid harmful effects of patronizing commercial products. Sileo Natural Salt will allow your skin to repair on its own without having to use chemicals which we thought were good to our skin.

So try the soap and experience a soothing and relaxing bath. Mix the salt crystals in your bath tub and see for yourself that salt has amazing effects that only few people knew and believe.

Natural Crystal Salt is Finding Takers across the Globe

Popularity of Sileo Himalayan Bath salt crystal has reached Europe and America and an increasing number of people are using the natural crystal salt for its therapeutic as well as cosmetic properties. The Himalayan bath Salt is very gentle on the skin and you will not have problems with skin irritation that causes red scars.

The Sileo Natural Salt Bar is also a good remedy for different skin irritations and certain infections brought about by bacteria since salt is known for its ability to kill bacteria. It is a natural disinfectant.

Himalayan Natural Salt and Therapy

Sileo Natural Salt Crystal Bar is also effective for the following problems:

  • Rheumatism
  • Gynecological infections
  • Insect bites
  • Post Surgery Care
  • After Shave

The Sileo Natural Salt Crystal Bar is a perfect remedy to get rid of dark spots, pimples, blackheads, and rashes in the skin. For removing dark spots, pimples and whiteheads, scrub the problem area within the face with Sileo Natural Crystal bar soaked in warm water for a couple of minutes then allow it to be absorbed by the skin before rinsing. For best results, you can use it early in the morning and before going to sleep.

Sileo Natural Salt Crystal  Bar is also perfect for relieving prickly heat. Soak Sileo Crystal Salt Bar in warm water and gently massage it on the affected area for about 15 minutes before rinsing. After rinsing, apply Sole and allow it to last up to 15 minutes.

Sileo Natural Salt Crystal is also very helpful in cleaning wounds. You can wash your wounds with sole before covering up with a clean bandage.

So order Natural Salt Crystal Bar or our Natural Bath Salt Crystal now and experience for yourself how beauty, salt and health are interconnected.

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