Directors Letter

Director's Letter

Dear Customers,

Thank you for choosing Sileo Company Kenya Ltd as your provider of natural Himalayan salt Crystal Products.

We welcome you to the growing community of health conscious individuals who recognize the holistic benefits of natural salt to mind, body, and spirit. We are truly euphoric for your support and promise to continue our best efforts to provide you only the purest Himalayan natural salt crystal. We ensure that our natural salt Crystal meets the international standards; making it perfects both for human and animal consumption. We are geared towards establishing a new World Health Order of revolutionizing the lives of people through a holistic approach for a healthier pain free life.

Sileo Company Kenya Ltd is devoted in improving the lives and well being of all the customers by providing high-end products. Sileo Company Kenya Ltd recognizes the wonderful benefits that natural salt and water can provide. The goal of our company is to open up the eyes of people towards a better way of living, attaining physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual fulfillment as an alternative for modern medicine.

Experts, scientists, and even religious experts agree that the combination of salt and water was the primary element that created life on earth. The combination of salt and water is also called SOLE, pronounced as “Solay”. All of the complex chain-link connections such as vitamins and minerals are not found in salt or water alone. However if they are combined together, they produce a highest form of energy. salt and water, as forms of energy can build highly geometrically structured chained links identical to that of vitamins and minerals. The chemical reaction that sets forth is what separates living beings from non living beings. It explains to us that the source of energy and life is directly linked to salt and water.  

Salt came from the Latin expression sal, which means sol. Many think that sole (water and salt solution) came from the latin word for sun. Sole is referred to as the “liquid sunlight”, salt and water represents the liquid form of sun’s energy, the ultimate source of life.

Compared to other minerals needed by the body, salt does not need to be transformed by the body; it is readily available for absorption by the cells provided it is in its original structure. With natural Himalayan salt; you get such unaltered non-chemical structure in each granule.

Sileo Company Kenya Ltd aims to send a message that achieving good health is possible with continuous use of natural salt and water.

We are inviting everyone to sign up and be part of a health conscious community who value the natural way of sustaining a healthy life- through the use of natural salt crystal products.

We at Sileo Company Kenya Ltd welcome all people around the world to join us and discover the wonders of natural salt and water offers to us. For more information click here

Once again, we thank you for joining our community. Please feel free to browse our website and raise questions. We love to hear  from you.


Yours truly
Leonard Sitamze
Managing Director
Sileo Company Kenya Ltd
Josephine Nyambura Thuo
Sileo Company Kenya Ltd