Our Identity

Our Identity

SILEO is a word derived from two African terms of "SI" which means "GOD" in the Cameroonian dialect of Bamileke and "LEO" which means "Today" in the East African language of Kiswahili. The word therefore means GOD OF TODAY! Basically, it emphasizes the importance for a new life, a new beginning! All you need to do is trust in God and interact with Sileo Company for a life full of happiness and enriching ideas.

SILEO also has a whole other meaning in Kiswahili that means "NOT TODAY" This goes to show that our products did not come into existence today but have been around for a centuries. The Himalayan Salt Crystal of which we derive Sileo Natural Salts products has been around for over 250 million years. The water and salt solution "sole" is also the mother soup of all life! And was there before creation began, from it all life was created. By interacting with SILEO and using our products you will realize immediate inner and outer benefits.

Our logo tries to explain a structured process utilized by nature millions of years ago to create the power found in the Himalayan Salt Crystal renamed Natural Salt.

The green colour represents the forest our proximity to nature and an illustration of a sound environment. Blue represents the ocean. Brown thick wavy line that cuts across the logo highlights the edges of a mountain. It represents a breakthrough and power in the natural salt.

The sun showing behind the mountain is evocative of warmth, vibrancy and our commitment to caring. It represents the power that dried the primal sea into energy harboring natural Himalayan Salt Crystal of which we derive Sileo Natural Salts products. The natural salt was crystallized on earth and is about 250 millions years old.

Literally, our logo is a visual representation of the Himalayan Mountain and the primal sea that emphasizes our identity and focus on the natural salt and its healing properties.

In conclusion, Sileo brand draws entirely from Himalayan mountain range the source of its salt products. For centuries, the Himalayas have been an icon of aspiration of man's quest to unlock nature's secrets. This quest has yielded an understanding that nature is the answer to all our problems depending on how we draw from its enormous resources. Scientists have described the Himalayas ranges as the most pure region found on earth. The fact that the Himalayas is the source of Natural Salt products used in most parts of Europe, America and Africa, attest to the uniquely enriching brand that is Sileo Company's natural salt products.

Every product that has Sileo Company's logo is a high quality that has always been the Company's hallmark. Sileo brand carries with it a ray of hope for good health and well-being. It is an undertaking of the management to ensure that the logo truly depicts the company.

Join our community of consciousness today and enjoy long life naturally.