About Us

INTRODUCTION SILEO COMPANY (K) LTD ® started in the year 2001 with a relatively small staff. We have since expanded and our highly qualified team guarantees quality, continuity and efficiency in the creation and implementation of our price-competitive products. We serve both individuals and companies with custom natural living food solutions that accommodate every budget. SILEO COMPANY (K) LTD ® is a member of Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and industry (KNCCI) and GSI Kenya and has been issued with bar code prefix 61660000291. We are duly authorized to allocate the barcode to the products belonging only to SILEO COMPANY (K) LTD®. Our use of the Earth’s natural elements means that our products leave virtually no side effects. And in an age when health is everything, with the proper use of SILEO Natural Salt products you receive immediate inner and outer vitality. Our plant, the fastest growing in Africa has always incorporated the most modern equipment and technology. We are licensed to import, export manufacture and distribute Himalayan salt Crystal products Renamed Natural salt Crystal. Our range of products that have been extensively tested and approved by The Kenya Bureau of Standardization, and have gained high respect in local and international market places.